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Can you restore my Convertible roof?

Process of removing imperfections 50/50 shot
Convertible roof deep cleaning & protection

Our fabric roof-top deep cleaning service removes all contaminants and ingrained dirt to restore your vehicle's roof to its former glory. We then apply Gtechniq Fabric Guard for hydrophobic protection, ensuring that water and dirt simply glide off the surface. Say goodbye to mold and other contaminants with our reliable and long-lasting protection.

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Can you clean my engine?

Process of removing imperfections 50/50 shot
Engine bay detailing

Get your engine bay looking like new with our safe and thorough steam cleaning service. Using various brushes and a safe all-purpose cleaner, we'll remove all corrosive elements that could harm your vehicle's components if left to accumulate. Our steam cleaning technique ensures that no water gets into potentially harmful areas, making it the safest option for engine cleaning. We'll also apply a dressing to all rubber and plastic parts, leaving your engine with a satin, restored finish.

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Exhaust tips Restoration

Process of removing imperfections 50/50 shot
Exhaust polishing & protection

Is your exhaust looking dull and worn? Our exhaust restoration service will have it looking like new again! Using a high-quality metal polish and specialized tools, we'll remove all signs of rust and discoloration from your exhaust. We'll then polish it to a high shine, leaving it looking better than ever. Not only will this improve the appearance of your vehicle, but it will also help prevent further corrosion and prolong the life of your exhaust.

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Are your headlights looking cloudy or yellowed?

Process of removing imperfections 50/50 shot
Headlight restoration & protection

Our headlight restoration service will have them looking crystal clear in no time! Using a multi-step process, we'll remove all signs of oxidation and discoloration from your headlights. We'll then polish them to a high shine, restoring their clarity and improving their overall appearance. Not only will this make your vehicle look better, but it will also improve your visibility on the road, making for a safer driving experience. Trust us to bring your headlights back to life

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