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Timeline of success

a WARM WELCOME FROM THE owner eMIL dYGAS and the growing team
May 2019
Started off as a passion

After purchasing my first car, I became fascinated with the process of taking care of it and started binge-watching YouTube videos about car detailing, developing an obsession with cleaning my car.

June 2019
first customer - my Neighbour

After my neighbour saw the results of my work on my car, he was amazed. This positive experience fuelled my drive to build a successful business based on my passion for cars and making people happy. It was at that moment that I realized I had the potential to create something extraordinary, and thus, Dygas Detailing was born.

Novemebr 2019
our first 5 star review

Getting my first 5-star review felt amazing! It praised my attention to detail and customer service, saying their car looked brand new. This motivated me to keep striving for excellence and set a high standard for my services.

2019 - 2021
Working full time at tesco saving ever penny to invest into the business

Before Dygas Detailing took off, I worked full-time at Tesco and saved every penny to invest in my business. Passion for cars and customer satisfaction kept me going. With hard work, I saved enough to open my workshop and pursue my dream of a successful car detailing business.

September 2020
first ceramic coating

Applying my first ceramic coating was a major achievement. I had to take time off from my Tesco job to complete the job. My biggest concern was the weather and protecting the vehicle from the elements, which led me to buy a tent that barely fit on my driveway. Despite these challenges, the customer was ecstatic with the results and even decided to get his wife's car detailed as well.

february 2021
started to get way too busy on my drive

As my business grew, I got too busy working on my driveway. I needed a proper workshop to keep up with demand and provide better service for my customers. Here you can see mum protecting the Ferrari and GTR.

June 2021
Moved into our Detailing Facility studio

I moved into my own detailing facility, which was a significant achievement for my business. The new space allowed me to take on larger projects, hire more staff, and expand my services, streamlining operations for better customer service.

January 2022
Trusted by the goat @Offcially gassed

I was honoured when @officiallygassed trusted us to detail his Porsche 911. As a well-known car YouTuber in the UK, it was an exceptional opportunity to showcase my skills on a high-profile vehicle. With a meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, I brought out the best in the car, leaving it looking better than ever before. It was a proud moment for me to work on such a prestigious vehicle, and it's an experience that I will always cherish.

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