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Remove swirls & scratches to reveal a showroom shine

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Have you ever noticed a spiderweb of swirls and scratches on your car's paint when it's exposed to sunlight? These tiny marks, known as micro-scratches, can significantly reduce your car's shine.

So, how did they get there in the first place? Usually, the primary cause is improper washing and drying techniques. Automatic car washes, using low-quality towels or wash mitts, can all contribute to damaging your car's paint and creating imperfections.

But there's no need to worry! Our machine polishing options can remove these imperfections and significantly boost the gloss of your car's paint. Please scroll down to see which option suits you best. However, unlike our Mobile Van Valeting services, paint polishing requires more time and effort to achieve optimal results. Therefore, we kindly ask that you drop off your vehicle at our shop location for this service.

firstly what is machine polishing?

Examples of our paint correction process
the Process of paint correction

It is a process that involves removing a thin layer of the clear coat to eliminate minor imperfections, such as swirl marks, light scratches, and oxidation, which can detract from the overall appearance of a car's paint. The machine applies pressure and friction to the surface of the paint, and with the use of a polishing compound, it removes a very thin top layer of paint until the imperfections are smoothed out.

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Process of removing imperfections from a new AUDI S3
1 Stage Enhancement Polish

Looking for a great entry-level polish that removes light imperfections while simultaneously boosting the gloss of your car's paint? Our machine polishing service is the perfect solution. Recommended for new cars that may have "love marks" from the dealership, we use a one-stage compound and one-stage refining process to remove up to 60-80% of imperfections.

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Our most popular paint correction option

2 stage correction on a Porsche & Aston Martin
2 stage machine polishing

A more advanced solution for removing heavier imperfections from your vehicle's paint. Our two-stage correction service is designed to remove up to 80-90% of swirl marks and other imperfections. This service includes a one-stage compound and one-stage refining process, which allows us to carefully and precisely remove imperfections while leaving behind a smooth and glossy finish. Whether you have an older car that needs a little extra attention or you just want the best possible results, our two-stage correction service is the perfect choice.

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Seeking the ultimate Showroom Condition paintwork perfection?

Examples of vehicles that had Multi-stage correction
Multi-stage Correction Detail

We use a safe, multi-stage compounding and jewelling polishing process to remove 95%+ of swirl marks, light scratching, holograms, and other imperfections from your vehicle's paint. The end result is nothing short of breathtaking - your car's finish will have an unmatched depth and clarity that will rival the finest showroom examples. With this level of attention to detail and precision, almost every paintwork defect will be eliminated, leaving your vehicle looking absolutely amazing. Trust us to give your car the royal treatment it deserves with our premium paint correction service.

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